Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Lady of La Leche

The nurse told us today that the only thing that is standing in the way of Lily coming home is for her to be able to drink from a bottle. Breastfeeding would be ideal, but drinking from a bottle is the minimum requirement. If she is not able to do this, then after a while she would come home with the feeding tube that is currently going through her nose and down into her stomach and they would teach us how to feed her that way. Obviously, this is not the ideal method and we wish to avoid this. Another option is that they would surgically place inside of her a tube that goes directly into her stomach and she would be fed that way. Also not ideal!

So, even though prayers for the damage to her brain to be healed are still very much needed, at the present time, prayers directed towards Lily quickly receiving the capability of bottle/breast feeding would be very much appreciated. For this purpose, I would ask you to implore the intercession of Our Lady of La Leche.

Please pray fervently for this purpose! The quicker Lily is home, the easier it will be for us, physically and emotionally.

Our Lady of La Leche, ora pro nobis!

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