Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

In 2014, Lily had 84 appointments, including physical therapy. I have a feeling that number will be easily beat in 2015.

The big news is from our last appointment of 2014. We met with the neurosurgeon yesterday to discuss her recent CT Scan and MRI and he said that he's not recommending surgery. There is enough room between her brain and her skull and excess fluid isn't a concern, so the surgery to reshape her skull would just be cosmetic. The fact of the matter is that if her brain isn't growing, her skull isn't going to grow, either. If her brain was pressing against her skull, we would have the surgery, but it's, mixed feelings on the situation.

Lily was measured for a wheelchair this week (it looks more like a stroller than a wheelchair) and we're excited that she'll have the support that she needs. No idea how long it's going to take to get, though.

We're starting off this year with an EEG tomorrow, hoping to catch some of the seizures she's having. Next week we're heading back to Miami for the audiologist and to hopefully get fitted for hearing aids. Then, since Lily's not going to have surgery, we'll have a week off of appointments, besides PT!

We wish you all a happy and blessed New Year!