Friday, December 20, 2013

Four Weeks Old

Saturday marks one week home (and one month old) for Lily! She is doing very well and is loved loved loved by her brothers and sister. It's a little crazy having five children, the oldest who is just turning 6 tomorrow, but it is so much easier now that Lily is home and not at the hospital.
Lily had her first plain ol' pediatrician visit on Tuesday morning and had gained 6 ounces from Saturday afternoon when she was discharged from the hospital. In the three weeks she was at the hospital she had only gained 7 ounces. It would appear that she's enjoying being able to nurse on demand! Lily is a champion nurser and is only using a bottle for getting her medicine.
She is getting stronger neck muscles and is able to look around a little from our shoulders and is able to focus on and track people and the little black and white cards from her mobile.

We are so thankful for your extremely efficacious prayers thus far and ask that you please continue them! Thank you especially all those that have joined in the novena to St. Servulus of Rome, patron against cerebral palsy.


  1. Thanks for the update. I am praying the Novena
    God bless
    much love

  2. Thanks for the good news. Praying the novena with you... Started a day late (time lag to UK!!!) so will complete it on Christmas Eve. Hope you have a lovely and peaceful Christmas. Love Alice xxx