Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lily's Pad

Lily turned a week old today! And she now has her own room!

Even more exciting...Lily is off of the ventilator and is breathing on her own!

It is so wonderful to see her little face and even hear her cry! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but today has been a great day.) With my other four children, I always dreaded hearing them cry. With Lily, however, we couldn't hear her voice because she had breathing tubes down her throat which had to be placed in between the vocal cords, prohibiting her from making any noise. It was so heartbreaking to see her crying, but not having any sound come out. To finally hear her little voice reminds me of all the things I took for granted with our other babies.

After the events of last Saturday, it is such a blessing that our daughter is still alive at a week old. I thank God for this miracle and I thank you all for praying for her.

Laura and I are also very encouraged by the personal stories we have heard about other babies who were in similar situations to Lily and were told that they had severe brain damage, but are fully healthy today. These stories give us great hope. Thank you for sharing them!

Thank you also for all the generosity and support that all of you have shown in this past week. Words cannot express our gratitude. Also, to those who have shared this website with others and encouraged other to pray for Lily, I am eternally grateful! Please continue to do! Continue to pray for Lily's full recovery! Thank you!

P.s. The doctors tell us that there is only one more tube that has to come out before we can hold her!


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Aw, "Welcome to Lily's Pad." Enjoy it while you can, girly! Once you get home, you'll get no privacy from your four older sibs. Prayers for you guys!

  3. Thank you for the update. What wonderful news. We will pray for the last tube to be removed soon so you can hold her!