Saturday, February 1, 2014


This week Lily had her two month well child check up on Tuesday. She weighed 9 lb. 15 oz., which is just shy of half of what Jacob weighs, at 18 months! She’s also grown 4 centimeters since she was born.
Thursday was her first follow up with the pediatric neurologist. He has ordered another ultrasound of her brain to check the little bleed that was found on the MRI and brain ultrasound while she was still in the NICU, to make sure it’s getting smaller and not bigger. We’ll be doing that next Thursday, the 6th.
We also noticed that she’s got a bit of a ridge on the top of her head, and the neurologist wasn’t sure about it, but to ask the pediatrician. (He didn’t mention anything about it on Tuesday when we saw him.) If he thinks it’s not going to resolve itself as her brain gets bigger, then we’ll be referred to a neurosurgeon for his opinion, though we’d have to go to Miami for that.
We’ve got a follow up with the neurologist in 3 months and will schedule an EEG to see if Lily is having seizures (there was evidence of them when she was in the NICU) and whether she needs to be on the anti-seizure medication she’s currently on.
Next week Lily will have a developmental specialist coming to our house (this will be twice a month) and will start her twice weekly physical therapy sessions.

Please pray for her cooperation during the ultrasound, for the bleed to be resolved, and for her complete recovery! Thank you!

And now…smiling pictures!


  1. Baby smiles are so wonderful :) We're praying for you, Lily!

  2. I found your beard blog a few weeks ago (and loved it) and learned then of Lily's plight, as it were. I have been praying and my husband will bring your family's intentions to his men's (all bearded) prayer group. Your faith and family are beautiful and inspiring. Blessings from Pennsylvania!

  3. adorable! thank you for sharing