Saturday, January 18, 2014

Colic and Smiles

Last Friday Lily’s cry seemed weak and hoarse, after sounding fine on Thursday. It didn't improve over the weekend and was so pitiful, we called the pediatrician on Monday to see if we needed to come in. We were able to get in and since Lily didn’t have any other problems, (no fever or cough, no signs of seizure, etc.), the doctor didn’t seem worried and that her voice just may have been hoarse from crying so much. The previous few days, and especially nights, had been pretty rough. We told him that if this had been any other child, we probably would have ignored it, (sorry, kids), but since it was Lily, we were concerned. He said that everyone is sort of on hyper alert with her, and that’s okay. He also said Laura could start drinking chamomile tea and that we could give some to Lily to help with the colic that she seems to have. The past few nights have been much better, thank goodness.
She weighed in at 9 lb., 4 oz..,so she’s still gaining weight well and the doctor commented that she’s got good head control.

We’ve seen a few sort-of smiles from Lily here and there but yesterday got some real ones (and a few oohs and coos!). Maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to get a picture soon. She is very good at focusing on faces and turns to look at all the kids when they come over and talk to her and tell her how much they love her. They’re even starting their own physical therapy with her, trying to get her to hold onto dinosaurs.


  1. So glad she's doing well. I will continue to pray for your lovely little girl.

  2. Thank you for providing updates. My family and I are praying for little Lily.