Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Week

Last week Lily finally had her first physical therapy appointment. The therapist is going to come to our house weekly, which makes things much easier on us. She said that Lily's muscle tone is good and our first task is to help her bring her head forward and straight, since she extends her head back to look up and her neck muscles are getting tight.
We also took Lily for an EEG on Thursday to check on the spasms that she has. We just want to make sure they're not little seizures, or if they are, get them under control. We haven't heard back yet about the results.
Since the last post, her gagging/mucusy cough has lessened considerably, to maybe once every few days.  She is also getting so much better at being in her car seat, thank goodness.

This next week she has a big hearing test that she needs to be still (and preferably sleeping) for. Prayers that that goes well and we can be done in one session are most appreciated.

Thank you all!

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